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Huang ho river principal river of northern china often called the cradle of Chinese 
civilization It is the country’s second longest river with a length of 3,395 miles 5,464 km and its drainage basin is the third largest in Chinaan area of some 290,000 square miles 750,000 square km The river rises in qinghai province on the plateau of tibet and crosses six other provinces and two autonomous regions in its course to the bo hai Gulf of Chihli an embayment of the yellow sea In its lower reaches it is a shifting turbulent silt-laden stream that often overflows its banks and sends floodwaters across the northchina plaing For this reason it has been given such names as China’s Sorrow and The Ungovernable The word huang yellow is a reference to the fine loess sediments that the river carries to the sea The Huang He basin has an enormous population exceeded by only a small number of countries and the river and its tributaries flow past some of China’s includinglanzhou baotou xian taiyuan luoyang zhengzhou kaifeng and jinan