HI this is my 1st week in college and our instructor gave us an assignment I was wondering if you guys can help me? Ok here it is.

1, Define Sets and give 3 examples

2. Enumerate 2 ways in writing a set and give 3 examples for each type.

3. Define and give 3 examples for each:
a. Cardinality of a set b. Equivalent set c. Equal set d. Null set e. Universal set.

Please help ASAP i need to pass my paper tomorrow! She only gave us 1 day to do this and I can't go to the library because it's closed. And the internet is not helping very much .



Kuya na lesson na namin to noong grade 7 kami kaya madali lang to
- A well- defined collection of objects is known as a set. 
      Example: { Jose, Juan, John} { paper, pencil, notebook} { bag, plastic bag, pen}
            Note: { } braces are used to enclose sets
- Roster/ Listing Method and Rule Method
      Example: Roster { Johnny, John, John}, {note, book, notebook}, {money,bag,pen}
                     Rule { first four counting numbers} {first four letters} {alphabetically arrange                              names}
- Cardinality of a set- number of elements in a set
                      Ex.- A= {1,2,3,4} n(A)= 4 
                             B= {1,2,3} n(B)= 3
                             C= {1,2} n(C) = 2
- Equivalent set- if the sets have the same number of elements
                      Ex.-  F= {1,2,3,4,5}
                              G= {6,7,8,9,10}
                                = n(F)= 5 n(G)= 5
-Equal set- they have the same number
                      Ex.- F= { 20,40,80}
                             E= { 80,20,40}
                               = F=E
-Null set- it has no elements Ф(this is the symbol)

-Universal set- a set containing all elements of a problem under consideration

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