what is the meaning of the following proverbs:
1. joy is always guarded by sorrow

2. the good fortune which is intended for me will come even without my seeking it

3. no dept remains unpaid

4. do not put off for tomorrow what you can do for today

5. do not cut the tree to get the fruit

6. a lazy man is like foul-smelling meat

7. every drop of perspiration of an industrious man be rewarded accordingly

8. it takes only a moment to squander what took a year to save

9. a good thing is never too late

10. the quite person is slow to anger but terrible when aroused

11. a good woman is worth more than rubies

12. the love of an old man is like a snail that crawls

13. I was formerly a gentleman without a care at all, but when I got married, my body shrank and became small

14. after shopping for a long time, he ended up with a poor purchase

15. the sleeping boatman does not know the streams he has passed

16. it is better to go home and weave a net than to study on the shore and watch the fish

17. don't be too slow if theres only a too little rice, don't be too shy if theres only a little viand



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The firt one means that if you want to be happy you also have to accept the fact that every happiness comes with a great price. The second one means that you should not hunt for your success or the good in your life but you have to do your best in everything and then only will it follow. the third means that rest assured evrything will be paid. The fourth means dont procastinate. The fifth means to get what you want do it the hard way. The sixth means no one likes someone lazy.  the seventh means that every pain you worked for will be rewarded according to your pain. EIght means think before you waste your money.  The tenth is that everyone when pushed to the point may release venom no one has heard of yet. the eleventh means pick a woman based on what she is not what she has. and blah blah.
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