Can you please help me can you give me example of set in linear equation and how can i solve it?

solving for y we have this...162 - 18y + 3y = 27...then 162 - 15y = 27...then 162-27 = 15y...then 135 = 15y....then y = 9....
since you already have ur valu for y wch is equal to 9, can then substitute this to equation 3 to find x...then we'll have x = 9 -9...x = 0...
so the values for x and y are 0 and 9 respectively.
hope it helped..
linear equation is equation that the highest degree (exponent) is 1 .. or walang exponent.. example: 3x+7


Linear equations are equations that has one as its highest exponent


1. x + y = 12
2. -6x + y= 6

to solve for x and y 
you can either use elimination or substitution

in this case we use elimination

so we either eliminate x or y
lets eliminate x
 we first multiply 6 on equation 1 and multiply 1 to equation 2 to cancel out x
6(x + y= 6)
1(-6x + y= 6)
it would then be

6x + 6y = 36
-6x + y = 6

to cancel out x we add both equations

0x + 7y= 42

so Y=6 

and to find x substitute the value of x on either of the equations

Equation 1 is x+y= 6
and to find x substitute the value of y on either of the equations