The Hands Of The Blacks
An excerpt from "we killed mangy-dog"
by Luis Bernardo Honwana
senhor frias
dona dores
father cristiano
dona estifania
and the book
         those characters are the one whom tell their own defenition about the hands of black. I can't write the whole story but I can summarize it.

the book said that=because they spent their lives  bent over, gathering the white cottons of Virginia and I don't know where else.
teacher said=which made their body darker and darker because only few centuries ago, they walked around on all fours, like wild animals, so their palm weren't exposed to the sun.
senhor antunes said=because their hands are tied
dona estifania said=because their hands were all bleached with all that washing
mother said=because they had to be, they had to be.

I hope it helps and I forgot the others but I hope it really helps you for a little.

But now we are done to that lesson here in grade 8.

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