Cause of bullying:
*Lack of Love from parents/family
*Bullied before
*KSP (you know what I mean XD)

*There would be a possibility that the victims will also be a bully

any further questions, you can ask me :) Godbless
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* Children could not experience love to their family..

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- People wanted to protect themselves from other people who are also bullies.
- People experienced it already and don't want to experience it again, so, they bully other people who can't fight them back. (changing roles from bullied-bully)
- People just wanted to do it for fun.
- People didn't received love from family.
- People who are bullied feels alone and distressed.
- People who are bullied sometimes won't go to school because of embarrassment.
- It will lead to tragic events like suicide.

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