Itoy dahil sa mga air pollution at iba pang mga pollution.

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(Mas sanay ako sa English mag explain, so pag pasensyahan na lang)
The concept of what really caused global warming is debatable, and the term climate change is considered politically correct, since the abrupt changes caused aren't always about the increase in temperature.
As per popular opinion, climate change is caused by several key factors. The ever increasing human population increases the demand for resources, causing scarcity and eventually leading to exhaustion. An example would be the disturbing exponential decrease of forest cover, which leads to more problems.
Right now, a domino effect can now be noticed. When there is no sufficient forest cover, there would be nothing to convert all the Carbon Dioxide emissions from humans (just by simply exhaling, smoke from cars, etc.) Now these carbon dioxide emissions contribute to the prevalence of what they call Greenhouse gases, which trap the heat within the Earth's atmosphere, hence the concept of global warming.
We can go on and on, trying to pin point what actually is happening. In reality, it's all but a vicious cycle. The change in climate magnifies the need for human expansion, to cater to the ever growing need for resources.