Find the number of sides of each of the two polygons if the total number of sides of the polygons is 15, and the sum of the number of diagonals is 36.

No Sir. It's Difficult. i'm only a first year collage student
you dont know trial and error method?
No Sir. I'm Sorry.
well this will be hard to explain about the method.
it is a method where you will have to try different value of a variable to satisfy a given situation.
well I would love to teach or explain to but it would be hard to do it here. if you know what i mean.


Let D be the number of diagonals
let n be the number of side per polygon

formula :

D= \frac{n}{2}(n-3)

by trial and error

let n = 9

D= \frac{9}{2}(9-3)


let n = 6

D= \frac{6}{2}(6-3)


D = 9 +27
D = 36
5 3 5
how do you get the 6 and 9 as your let?
it was by trial and error. changing n = 1 to 15 and the sum of the sides of the 2 polygon mus be 15. and the sum of the total diagonal must be 36.