Tell wether or not each of the following situations illustrated are quadratic equations. Answer each by a mathematical sentence.

1. The length of a swimming pool is 8m longer than its width and the area is 105m.

2. Edna paid atleast Php. 1,200 for a pair of pants and a blouse. The cost of the pair of pants is Php. 600.00 more than a cost of the blouse.

3. A motorcycle driver travels 15kph faster then a bicycle rider. The motorcycle drover covers 60km i two hour less than the time it taes the bicycle rider to travel the same distance.

4. A garden 7m by 12m will be expanded by planting a border of flowers. The border will be of the same width around the entire garden and has an area of 92m.

Please help me. Its really brainstorming for me. Thankyou :)



1. w(8+w) = 105m.Quadratic
2. x+x+600>or=1200 Not Quadratic

2 4 2
Thankyou po Ate. Teka, pano po naging Quadratic yung number 1? Diba may squared dapat?
If esi.simplify mo yan magiging 8w+wsquared =105m. diba?
Ahhhh. Sige po. Hindi po talaga ako magaling sa Math T.T
Thank you