quadratic or not quadratic directions:identify which of the following equations are quadratic and which are not.if the equation is not quadratic,explain.

1.25 -Rsquared=4r
2.3x(x-2)= -7
3.1/2 (h-6)=0
5.(w-8) (w+5)=14

number 2 quadratic
number 3 not quadtic because theres no squared
why number 2 is quadratic
this is the solution
3x(x-2)=-7 3xsquared -6x + 7 = 0


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1. quadratic
2. quadratic
3. non-quadratic , cause the highest exponent is one
5. non-quadratic, cause the highest exponent is one
4 4 4
why 2 is quadratic please explain thank you
cause if you solve it, it has a squared .. thats why it is quadratic . like this |3x(x| its 3xsquared
thank you very much your good in math
tnx :) welcome