Daedelus is a loving father. He loves icarus so much.
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Daedalus' action: He built the Labyrinth, the wooden cow, and artificial wings.
What it tells about him: It tells that he is such a skilled worker, a famous architect having created those many inventions.
Daedalus' dialogue: "Icarus, Don't fly too close to the sun as it would melt your wings, and not too close the sea, as it would dampen you and make it hard to fly".
What it tells about him: That he is loving father that has concern to his son Icarus' safety.
Daedalus' thoughts: When Daedalus thinking  of Talos, fearing that the boy would surpass him in  talent.
What it tells about him: Daedalus got jealous of Talos, that's why he was so selfish to display his skill or talents.

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