1. A new square is formed by joining the midpoints of the consecutive sides of a square 8 inches on a side. If the process is continued until there are already six squares, find the sum of the areas of all squares in square inches. A. 96 B. 112 C. 124 D. 126

2.In President Sergio Osmeña High School, suspension of classes is announced through text brigade. One stormy day, the principal announces the suspension of classes to two teachers, each of whom sends this message to two other teachers, and so on. Suppose that text messages were sent in five rounds, counting the principal’s text message as the first, how many text messages were sent in all? A. 31 B. 32 C. 63 D. 64



1. Is a because 16 multiplied by 6 is 96
5 5 5
1. 16 multiplied by 6 is 96
2. So the answer Is letter A
3 4 3