Daedalus is not responsible for Icarus' death because he warned his son not to go to close to sun when flying but Icarus refused to listen. :D
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No, he is not. Because in the first place, he reminded his son not to get closer in the the sun. But his son gets too cocky and he didnt follow his fathers words.
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in my opinion is yes. cause after icarus died .daedalus cried,bitterly lamenting his own arts,and called the land near the place where icarus fell into the ocean icaria in memory of his child. the icarian sea,where he fell,was forever named after him and it is said that the great hero Heracles/HERCULES,who was passing by,gave him a proper burial.
I know what happened next. The icarian sea, hercules and all. But the question here is, is he responsible for his sons death? You think the Idea of creating him wings for escape, telling his son not to get closer to the sun yet his son was too stubborn was his fault?
ok sorry, im wrong.