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Travelling Japan is about 4-5 hours. When you're coming from the Philippines, it's about 5 hours and when you go back, it's about 4 hours but it also depends especially, for example, kung may turbulence. Japan is ahead sa atin ng 1 hour so let's say, for example, the take off of the airplane here in the Philippines is 6:30 PM. So, ang mangyayari, you add 5 hours from the time so magiging 11:30 PM and then add another one hour because we're supposed to follow the time in Japan, which is ahead sa'tin ng 1 hour, so it will become 12:30 AM. So the ETA or the expected time of arrival there in Japan is 12:30 AM. But, that's just the expectation kasi there is a possibility na maging earlier yung arrival or maging mas late because of the traffic in the air or because of the turbulence. Always remember to pray, if in any case the turbulence scares you off, and always remember that God is always there by your side. =)
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