Do you need to be an expert in Math when you are taking up Engineering?

Cause Engineering is a course whose subjects involve MAth
Cause Engineering is a course whose subjects involve MAth
Engineering is a field that involves a lot of sciences, including math, physics, etc. Expertise in math is an advantage when taking up engineering. Although, what you really need is understanding the concepts behind every lessons you've learned, and the ability to analyze thoroughly and find answers using different solutions, because engineering is more about problem solving than mere computations.
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You dont have to be an expert.  You just have to love numbers and you have to be good. Engineering is really really heavy on the math. 
well im I am a civil engr. and i was not an expert in math.
you can just learn in in your college years. As long won't slack off on your studies.. hehehe
what's important is you love the course you are taking and you are really into it.
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yes you should love the course you're taking but you must be good in math
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Expert? hmm not so. you can just start learning math in college. as long as you have a passing grade you will be able to catch up. engineering is an exciting course. Think of it like building a nation. what is a doctor w/o a hospital. or a judge w/o a court.. hehehe a police w/o a jail.. hehehe
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