We will always feel jealous and we can do nothing about it. when you see someone's with someone you know and important's to you, you feel jealous. it's an intimate expression when we want to be in that position rather than who's really in there
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yeah inaantok na kasi ako nung pinost ko yan
hi ninah musta?
not you dianne .it's Gameonhemmo
ok lng.why?
ah okay you dont have any classes right its weekend?so what are you doing
Jealousy is what do we get after we saw an incident of someone you love with another person maybe your friend and we just want to punch his face or pull her hair . that what jealousy is..

i hope this would help..  :)

kahit kailan taalaga ang tagal mag respond ng mga ka chat ko sana nakaonline nlang yung taong gusto kong maka chat...
wait i'm here. sorry just ate my breakfast :(
its okay but i need to log out im going to take a bath bye fr a minute