which statement is wrong based on the equation?

2 CH4 + 3O2 + 2NH3--------> 2HCN + 6H2O

a) Three moles of O2 are required for 2 mole of NH3.

b) Twelve moles of HCN are produced for every 16 mole of O2 that react.

c) The mole ratio between H2O and CH4 is 6 mole H2O / 2 mole CH4.

d) When 12 mole of HCN are produced, 4 mole H2O will be formed.

e) When 10 mole of CH4, 10 mole of O2 and 10 mole of NH3 are mixed and reacted, O2 is the limiting reactant.

f) When 3 moles each of CH4, O2 and NH3 are mixed and reacted, 3 mole of HCN will be produced.



Letter B because for every 16 mol of O2 that react, 10.6 mol of HCN are actually produced