Studying History, believe it or not, can improve the quality of our lives. To study History is to learn from the mistakes that happened in the past. We all know how communism, fascism, and nazism turned out. Moreover, History can strengthen our patriotism and broaden our general knowledge of subject matters. If you've tackled Earth Science before, then you should be familiar with Uniformitarianism, Catastrophism, and Gradualism. Uniformitarianism states that what happened in the past will happen again. Studying history, not just scientifically, but socially as well, gives us bearings and precedents for experimental economics. Learning from The Great Depression saves our country from inflation. A great deal can be extracted from History. Ancient civilizations are part of who we are today. Reading a history book can be compared to browsing through ancient family photo albums. Sheer joy and fulfillment are just two of the endless pleasures of studying History.