tell whether or not each of the following situations quadratic equations.justify your answer by representing each situation by a mathematical sentence.

1.the length of a swimming pool is 8m longer than its width and the area is 105m2.
2.edna paid at least php.1200 for a pair of pants and a blouse.the cost of the pair of pants is php600 more than the cost of the blouse.
3.a motorcycle driver travels 15 kph faster than a bicycle rider. the motorcycle driver covers 60 km in two hours less than the time it takes the bicycle rider to travel the same distance.
4.a realty developer sells residential lots for php4000 per square meter plus a processing fee of php25, of the lots the realty developer is selling costs php 625,000.
5.a garden 7m by 12m will be expanded by planting a border of flowers.the border will be of the same width around the entire garden and has an area of 92 m2.



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1. Yes, 0= w²+82-105
2. No, 1200 ≥ p+b
3. Yes, 0= 15t²-30t-120 or 0= t²-2t-8
4. No,4000x + 25000y = 62500
5. Yes,0= 4x²+38x-8
8 4 8