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a. open-mindedness- a person who possesses this attitude tries to be objective and sees different sides of an issue. He/She doesn't make rush conclusions, judgements or decisions. He/ She is willing to listen to the opinion of others and to study counter arguments or experimental evidences before taking action. 

b. Critical Outlook- A person w/ this attitude does not readily believe statements for or against a person, a commercial product, an idea, etc. He/She first analyzes the claims or argumentsgiven, investigates who made the statements, checks if these are unbiased and logical, and ascertains that there are no inconsistencies in the statements. 

c. Truthfulness 
-Truth is st the very foundation of science. People pursue science basically because of their desire to know the truth about things in this world. People are curious because they want to know the truth. 
-A persn who values truthfulness has a passion for investigating and experimenting , is honest in recording and reporting observations, takes a stand on what he/she believes is true, and readily admits a mistake if proven wrong.