theres have a jar with water on the top there is larger balloon and theres have 2 straws in the balloon

plss answer

1.what does the water inside the jar represent?

2.How will you compare the heart pump model and the human heart? does the heart function as a pump?

4.will the heart model be able to function properly if the straw is blocked?explain your answer.

plsss answer my question because this is my assignment in science



1) the water represents the blood. 2) the heart IS a pump . it is a double pump 3.) the right side of your heart recieves blood from the body and pumps it to the lungs 4) No, the blood will not flow properly in the heart .. and may have complications ..
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1. It represents blood. 2. When you press the heart pump model the water goes out the jar. While the human heart when it pumps,it pumps the blood throughout the body. 3. It function as a pump because heart pumps the blood throughout the body. 4.No, obviously when the straw is blocked there is no water will flows up. And it will not function well.
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