What do you think is more important heart or brain explain why niyo

Without the brain, you literally cannot live. The brain makes every thing happening within one's body possible. Even the work that the heart does is the brain's "fault". Take note that there are cases when the heart stops pumping blood for the body, which results more often than not to death. However, because of technology, ARTIFICIAL HEART may now replace malfunctioning heart. To make it super short, we may replace the heart but NOTHING MAY REPLACE THE BRAIN (for now, at least).


For my opinion heart ang mas important how can you live without your heart? Pag may heart ka may brain ka :--))
hmp..........i dont think so but opinion mo naman yan
For me, heart is more important than brain because without heart we cannot live. Our heart do not take breaks to pump. I mean is that even you sleep, your heart still beats. Our heart is the vital organ of the body. We need to take care of it. Therefore, I conclude that heart is more important than brain.

(For those who read this, this is only my opinion)
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