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                                    A Short History of Punctuation 
                                       by Polly M. Robertus
              Early Greeks had hardly any punctuation and even changed the direction of their writing at the end of each line. Later, they changed to a way of writing that favored right - handed people and showed where a new paragraph began by underlining the first line of it.
              Later, the Greek playwright Aristophanes, invented marks to show there readers should take breath.
              The Romans made writing much easier to read by putting dots between words and by moving the first letter of a paragraph into the left margin. They adapted some of the Greek marks such as colon mark to indicate phrase endings.
               In the early Middle Ages, this system of punctuation broke down because very few people could read and write but writer skept a space at the end of a sentence and continued to mark paragraphs.Eventually, words were separated again and new sentences began with a larger lettter .
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