A computer manufacturing company would like to come up with a new laptop computer that it's monitor is 80 sq.inches smaller than the present ones. Suppose the length of the monitor of the larger computer is 5 inches longer than it's width and the area of the smaller computer is 70 sq.inches.

Question: What are the dimension of the monitor of the larger computer?





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Asmall = 70

Alarge = Asmall +80 
          = 70 + 80
          = 150 in²

Let x be the width
     x+5 =  length

A = (length)(width)
150 = (x+5)(x)
150 = x² + 5x
0 = x² +5x - 150
0 = (x+15) (x-10)
x=-15 ; x=10        [Use x=10 because we can not have a negative dimension]

Width = 10 in
Length = 15 in      [width + 5]