People nowadays especially kids like fun so much they don't even care about theirs safety anymore. Well, they do care but because of the fun they're feeling and all the happiness stuff, they get distracted and often careless. People are always like that. As long as they're having fun, they don't care about tomorrow or whatever happens to them cause dude they're having fun and no one will stop them but in the end, when they are injured or when they got into am accident, they'll regret everything and say they should have think of their safety. They regret when it's too late. For example, a person drank so much beer. He drived home all by himself he doesn't care but he got into an accident. He's almost killed or should I say dead. He regretted all but what can he do? He wad having fun at that time. He disregarded all the safety precautions and something. And this is a lesson the society should know.
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