A realty developer sells residential lot's for 14,000 per square meter plus a processing fee of 25,000. one of the lots costs 625,000.

is it too hard??.. o.O
Nope, just thinking how to explain it well
Ugh, I can't explain it. Just tell me which part you don't get



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Let A be the area of the lot

(14,000)A + 25,000 = 625,000

Solve for A:
(14,000)A = 625,000 -25,000
(14,000)A = 600,000
A = 42 6/7 m² ≈ 42.86 m²
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addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. :) or simply the computations
it's from 600,000/14,000. I'm not really sure if that is the exact answer. Please just check it with the calc. :)
so we're going to divide 600,000 by 14,000...am i right?
the answer is 42.857