A motorcycle driver travel 15kph faster than a bicycle rider.The Motorcycle driver covers 60km in two hours less than the time it takes the bicycle rider to travel the same distance.

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I'm writing the solution on a paper. I'll take a shot of it when I'm done. This might take a while



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The speed of the bike is 15 kph.
The speed of the motorcycle is 30kph. 

The time it took the bike to travel 60 km is 40 hours, while the motorcycle only tok 2 hours.

See attached for solution.
Hi I'm a bit confused, why does the time of the bicycle has -2?
I mean how did it became 2x in 60-2x/x isn't it 60-2/x ?
it's actually 60/x - 2 . I made a mistake in labelling that. The time it took the bike to travel is actually 60/x only. To make the equation true, we need -2 because THE MOTORCYCLE TOOK 2 HOURS LESS THAN THE BICYCLE.