We define climate is a weather condition that occurs on an are over a long period of time while weather is the state of the atmosphere in which it occurs in an area on a short period of time. 

It is a matter of location and the altitude. Remember your class on Science regarding about weather and climate and what are its factors. one of which is the altitude. of course, each country is not place on one area, it is scattered. So places with higher altitude receives lower temperature (cold) and mostly are four seasoned while countries that are low of altitude receives high temperature (hot). Most of the countries that are near the equator are experiencing tropical climate. aside from altitude, another factor that affects is the distance from the ocean. Alaska for example receives cold temperature because Alaska is closer to the ocean. and Philippines for example, experience Tropical climate because the country Philippines is closer to the equator. 

just a tip: review the factors that affects climate. there are a lot of factors and certainly, it may help you :)