... standard form of quadratic..
Standard form : ax² + bx + c = 0
a should not be on negative sign
standard form is equak to zero
b and c can be dissolve but a cannot .

:-) TaengPark
A quadratic equation is an equation of the form ax2+bx+c=0, where a≠0.
The form ax2+bx+c=0 is called the standard form of the quadratic equation.

Notice that standard form is not unique.
For example, x2−x+1=0 can be written as the equivalent equation −x2+x−1=0.
Also, 4x2−2x+2=0 can be written as the equivalent equation 2x2−x+1=0.

In this exercise, all answers are reported in the form ax2+bx+c=0 with a>0,
and where the greatest common factor of all nonzero coefficients is 1.

In this exercise,
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