Their are lots of bad and good affects of the respiratory and circulatory system due to our lifestyle, the bad ones are like smoking and inhaling poisonous gases like smokes from factories and cars. It will only damage the tiny sacs in our lungs called alveoli or alveolus. Adult people have 350 million alveoli, which smoking reduces its number and can cause malfunctioning of the tiny sac-like structures and prevent the gas exchange, and other respiratory system diseases.
While in circulatory system, maintaining o practicing of bad habit may cause disorder in our heart and reduces normal amount of the heart to pump daily. It also causes a lot of diseases and disorders not only in the heart but also in other parts of the circulatory system like our blood vessels, and blood. Eating unhealthy foods are the major factor of diseases that can be found in our body. But practicing good lifestyle makes the opposite. Live healthy! 
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