What is the summary of The Battle with Grendel 415 to 445? Please summary it per paragraph.
415 With the thought of food and the feasting his belly
Would soon know. But fate, that night, intended
Grendel to gnaw the broken bones
Of his last human supper. Human
Eyes were watching his evil steps,
420 Waiting to see his swift hard claws.
Grendel snatched at the first Geat
He came to, ripped him apart, cut
His body to bits with powerful jaws,
Drank the blood from his veins, and bolted
425 Him down, hands and feet; death
And Grendel’s great teeth came together,
Snapping life shut. Then he stepped to another
Still body, clutched at Beowulf with his claws,
Grasped at a strong-hearted wakeful sleeper
430 —And was instantly seized himself, claws
Bent back as Beowulf leaned up on one arm.
That shepherd of evil, guardian of crime,
Knew at once that nowhere on earth
Had he met a man whose hands were harder;
435 His mind was flooded with fear—but nothing
Could take his talons and himself from that tight
Hard grip. Grendel’s one thought was to run
From Beowulf, flee back to his marsh and hide there:
This was a different Herot than the hall he had emptied.
440 But Higlac’s follower remembered his final
Boast and, standing erect, stopped
The monster’s flight, fastened those claws
In his fists till they cracked, clutched Grendel
Closer. The infamous killer fought
445 For his freedom, wanting no flesh but retreat,
Desiring nothing but escape; his claws
Had been caught, he was trapped. That trip to Herot
Was a miserable journey for the writhing monster!
The high hall rang, its roof boards swayed,
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The Voice Of The Mountainby: Stephen Crane

Popocatepetl, an old man, seated on a high rock with his white mantle about his shoulders was forbidden to move by the King of Everything. It is feared that every footprint would make a great hole in the land. And that is why he can’t hunt his own food causing him to suffer from hunger. One day, he saw a little eagle and ask for help but the eagle said his problem is not ordinary and requires a dozen of stars. The eagle said that the little animal with two arms, two legs, one head, a very brave air, wise and can invent something will help him solve his problem. And the eagle flew and found the little animal. The little animal agreed to help but he wants him to pay. Popocatepetl roar in his rage and out of desperation he bargain the life of the little animal. And out of cleverness, the little animal fooled Popocatepetl by saying that their species will create him wings so that he can fly and hunt his own food. There were no wings at all created and Popocatepetl roar when he knew that the little animal was a traitor.
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