1.Gangsa-is a single hand-held smooth-surfaced gong with a narrow rim
2.Kalaleng or Tongali-nose flute
3.Tongatong-is a bamboo percussion instrument used by the people of kalinga
4.Diwdiw-as-is a 5 or more different size of slender bamboo that is tied together
4.Saggeypo-it is a bamboo pipe that is closed on one end by a node with the open end held against the lower lip of the player as he blows directly across the top
5.Solibao-is a hallow wooden igorot drug topped with pig skin or lizard skin
6.Bungkaka-Bamboo buzzer
7.Kullitong-polychordal bamboo tube
8.Ulibaw?Kubing-Bamboo jaw's harp
9.Patangguk-Bamboo quill-shaped tube
10.Pateteg-Bamboo leg xylophone
11.Paldong-Bamboo lip-valley flute