What are the characteristics of living things? Please give 2 examples for each! Thanks :)

Yah I know there are no examples but here is just the simple Characteristics of Living Things...
All living things grow, move, breathe, require energy and need water, made up of cells, reproduce and transmit characteristics to their offspring (heredity), respond to stimuli, adapt to their environment, carry out metabolism and produce waste, made of organic chemicals. So overall, I gave 10 examples :)


1. Living things are composed of cells and exhibit organization even at cellular level.
   Examples: Cells and Cellular Organization
2. Living things require a constant supply of energy.
   Examples: Photosynthesis and Respiration
3. Living things need supply of water as a vital component of the cell.
   Examples: (sorry, I got nothin')
4. Living things maintain a state of stability called homeostasis.
   Examples: Your body has a thermostat that maintains a constant internal temperature. When you start to feel hot, you sweat and your body cools off. Then if you sweat for a long time, you become thirsty and you want to drink. When you drink, you replenish the water that your body has lost. Homeostasis enables you to survive a long, hot summer of a strenuous activity.
5. Living things undergo growth and development.
   Examples: Accretion and Intussusception
6. Living things respond to the environment.
   Examples: Irritability and Tropism
7. Living things are capable of movement.
   Examples: Locomotion movements... Like Walking and Swimming
8. Living things can reproduce and transmit genetic characteristics to their offspring.
   Examples: Sexual Reproduction and Asexual Reproduction
9. Living things adapt and evolve to survive.
   Examples: Structural Adaptation and Behavioral Adaptation

That's all! :)