In a class of 35 students, 10 speak Ilocano, 18 speak Bicolano, 16 speak Cebuano, 5 speaks both Bicolano and Ilocano, 2 speaks both Ilocano and Cebuano, 9 speaks both bicolano and cebuano, and 2 speaks all three languages. How many students do not speak any of the 3 languages?



5 students do not speak neither of the three languages.
PS: Do you need the solution?
yes please!
no need for the solution just answer my other assigment with the question how many knew Euclid only? thanks
Wait, it was actually 7, sorry for the mistake. Because, 5 (concluded as better in ilocano) plus 9 (concluded as better in bicolano) plus 14 (concluded as better in cebueno is all in all, 28. So 35, minus 28 is 7.