True or False. Write TRUE if the statement is correct, and FALSE, if not.
__________1.All counting numbers are integers.
__________2.The integer 8 can be expresses as fraction.
__________3.Nonrepeating,nonterminating decimals are irrational.
__________4.The number 3.5 is a rational number.
__________5.Whole numbers exclude zero.
__________6.Irrational numbers are not included in a number line.
__________7.A number that can be expressed as p/q, where q = is irrational.
__________8.Fractions can be expressed as decimals.
__________9.Between rational numbers there exist irrational numbers.
__________10.The decimal number 0.333... in fraction is 5/12



1. TRUE.
2. TRUE (Example: 16/2)
3. TRUE (Definition of Irrational Numbers)
4. TRUE. (It can be expressed in the form p/q, 7/2)
5. FALSE. (Whole Numbers starts with zero)
7. q = to what ? if q is not equal to zero, then the statement is FALSE.
8. TRUE.
9. TRUE.
10.FALSE. (0.333.. = 3/10, 0.44 = 5/12)