Q22.What do the stripes in the paper represent?
Q23. What does the middle slit represent? What occurs in this region?
Q24.What is the role of the mid-ocean ridge in the movement of lithosperic plates?
Q25. How does the new seafloor form at the mid-ocean ridge?
Q26.What process/es happen at the side slits?
Q27. Is the earth getting larger and wider when plates drift away from each other? Explain briefly.




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Q22. The stripes on the paper represent the rocks with normal and reverse polarities.
Q23. The middle slit represents the mid-ocean ridge where the actual seafloor - spreading occurs. 
The mid-ocean ridge serves as the origin of lithospheric movement. It is the place where the force that pushes the lithosphere originates. 
 Hot, less dense material below the Earth’s crust rises towards the mid-ocean ridge. As this material flows sideways, it creates a crack in the crust where magma will flow out. This magma cools down and becomes the new seafloor.
The side slits serve as subduction zone where the old seafloor plunges beneath another tectonic plate.
The Earth is not getting larger or smaller. If there is the production of a new seafloor in the mid-ocean ridge, there is a destruction of an old seafloor at subduction zones.
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