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You first need to get the prime of A. These are sets that can be found at set A but cannot be found at set B.
For example:
A' is: 1,3,5 because it is found in set A but cannot be found in set B.
Same as the B'. You have to look at the sets that is in set B but not in Set A.
B' is 6 because it is found in set B and not in set A
Then the symbol U means UNION so, you have to combine them
A' U B'={1,3,5,6}
Hope you get it... :)

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thanks i get the answer of my assigment.
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( ' this symbolizes complement) it means complement of the set A and B
Complement- is the set of all elements found in the universal set that are not found in the set A and B.
and U means Union of the complements of set A and set B.