Kadalasan ito ang nagiging dahilan kung bakit tatamad-tamad ang mga kabataan sa paggawa ng mga takdang aralin, proyekto at iba pa. Ito rin ang nagiging sanhi ng pangmatagalang usapin na tawag ay pag chichismis
Imagine watching a movie about spies- let's say Mission Impossible. After that, you kind of start to think about how cool it would be to be a spy.
Or, let's say you're watching American Idol. Maybe you'll start to think of what song YOU would be singing if you were a contestant.
Seeing advertisements of food can trigger cravings.
Watching commercials of girls with long straight black hair can make us want to have our own straight black hair.
Remember, media and technology dominate the world today. Posting things on social media spread awareness- such as the Yulin festival.
To sum it all up-edia impacts us in so many ways.
 1. It exposes us to multiculturalism, biodiversity- things outside of what we are experiencing in our lives. 
2. It spreads awareness.

There are more but I guess these 2 are the key ones hehe