1.what adventure did polydectes suggest that perseus undertake?
2.list three perilous encounters that perseus experienced during his adventure.
3.explain how the oracle given to king acrisius was fulfilled.
4.what was polydectes true motive in sending perseus to kill medusa?
5.medusa was beheaded by perseus,yet her head continued to have power.
6.what heroic characteristics did perseus have?
7.what help did he get on his quest?
8.how did perseus quest enable him to prove himself a hero?
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1. polydectys suggest perseus to killed medusa                 2.perseus encountred a 3 gray women,he fight the monsters,and he fight all his enemy in argos.                     3.the oracle was fullfilled because it is the god said.            4.polydictys true motive is perseus will be killed because he got jealous from danae because dane loved perseus.      5.because medusa is a monster.                                       6.he is a good figther.                                                       7.the help of the god and the help of his father zeus             8.because he is victorous in all battles.
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what adventure did polydectes suggest that perseus undertake?
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