In my own opinion i will understand if they broke a promise because they are still your parents and theirs always a reason why they do it so please understand them.

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I'm going to ask myself a lot of questions. "Why would they do that?", "How come they broke the promise?", "Have I done something wrong or whatsoever?". Actually, in my case, I don't make promises. I don't do the "pinky swear" thing, nope, you would never see me do that. They say that, "promises are meant to be broken" but for me, no. Promises do really mean so much to me that's why I hate hearing "promises" that are totally lies. When you say "promise" you do whatever you have promised because if not, you're just totally wasting its value. If ever that my parents would broke a promise, probably I'm going to have a tantrum, I'm going to rant the whole day with things and stuff, I'm going to lock up in my own room and not likely going to talk to them that time. But, nonetheless, they're still my parents. They're still my parents who have been taking care of me since the day I was born. It would just take time for me to accept what had happened, forgive and move on. I love my parents and I would forgive them no matter what.


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