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The Gordon's Head Timeline of Events

Danae and Perseus was sent by Danae's father into the sea inside a chest.

They reach to an island and was taken care by a fisherman, the brother of the island's king Polydectes.

Perseus was sent by King Polydectes to kill Medusa.

Perseus met QuickSilver along the way and helped him in his adventure.

Perseus and Quicksilver wen to find the Three Gray Women to ask where to find the nymphs.

They found the Three Gray Women and were given directions how to find the nymphs.

They met with Quicksilver's sister.

Together, they look and found the nymphs and got the flying slipper, winged cap, and the invisible helmet.

They then set out to the island to find the Gorgon's head.

Perseus then carefully go nearer to Medusa and cut off her head before her snakes can open their eyes.

Perseus thanked them and returned to the island where he came from.

He didn't found his mother because her mother has taken refuge to a temple to avoid King Polydectes.

He went to the palace and met the King.

He requested the King to summon everyone so they could also see Medusa's head.

The King obliged and summon everyone to the court.

On the platform, where everybody can see Medusa's head, everyone turned into a cold lifeless stone

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