Please help me answer square of trinomials questions with solutions


(4x+y-4z)^2 solution step1 : (4x^2=16x^2) step 2: (4*2=8+x+y=8xy) step 3: (multiply first term and last term (2*4x=8x*-4z=-32xz) step 4: square the middle term (y^2) then multiply -4z*2=-8z+y=-8yz then square the last term 4z^2= 16z^2 squaring a term example: 4^2=4*4=16 and z^2= z*z=z^2
combine all the terms it gives you 16x^2+8xy−32xz+y^2−8yz+16z^2. that's the answer
yep you're right but i already answered the wuestions :0
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The correct answer was  16z^2 + 8xy +y^2 - 32xz -8yz + 16z^2

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