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Characters of The Gorgon’s Head 
Perseus—Son of Danae; handsome youth, very strong and active and skillful in the use of arms.

Danae- daughter of a king; mother of Perseus

Fisherman-the king’s brother; humane and upright man; the man who helphed Perseus and Danae

King Polydectes- fisherman’s brother;King of Seriphus; set a snare to Perseus

Princess Hippodamia-the princess whom King Polydectes whom he settle affairs

Gorgon Medusa-golden –winged, iron-scaled, long-tusked,braze-clawed, snaky-haired monster;a monster who can turn a warm flesh into a stone

Quicksilver—Perseus’ wise friend;

Three Gray Women-strange old ladies, one-eyed and one-toothed ;namely: Scarecrow, Nightmare, and Shakejoint

Nymphs-owns the flying slippers, magic wallet and the helmet of darkness  

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