1. What is the “dreadful oracle” that was delivered to King Acrisius?
2. What adventure does Polydectes suggest that Perseus undertake?
3. List three perilous encounters that Perseus experienced during his
4. Explain how the oracle given to King Acrisius is fulfilled.
5. What is Polydectes’ true motive in sending Perseus to kill Medusa?
6. Medusa was beheaded by Perseus, yet her head continued to have power.
Explain how the evil Gorgon’s head is beneficial to Perseus.
7. What heroic characteristics does Perseus have?
8. What help does he get on his quest?
9. How does Perseus’ quest enable him to prove himself a hero?




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The dreadful Oracle that was delivered to  King Acrisius is that, He will soon be killed by his daughter Danae's son.
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