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1. Abuse of Power
Abuse of power is a common challenge, but it's not impossible to hurdle. I think the best way to deal with this kind of roadblock is to acknowledge that it happens, and right now, you can't do anything about it. But that doesn't mean you'd stop doing anything about it. The key here is instilling a mindset that abuse of power is wrong, and it should stop. And realizing that, you'd become a better person, and in the future, when you are the one possessing such power, you'd use it wisely.

2. Self Destruction
Dealing with self-destruction is difficult because you can't really identify it's happening to you. But through introspection, meditation, and humility, you can begin to accept that you are doing, and you did things to hurt yourself. And it has to stop. This is a a difficult step, but it is a step you have to make.

3. Foolishness
I think the biggest cure for a fool is education. Not in a way that you'd ask him to read thousands of books. But in a way that should help him think in a way that benefits everyone. Show him how it's done rather than pointing your finger to the way.

4. Aggressiveness
There will always be aggressive people, but having an open mind that they will always have their points is the key here. If you try and accept what they think or believe, and then try to reason out with them, they'd pretty much accept it.

5. Hostlity
In our world today, it is difficult to pacify people and situations. Hostility will always arise from its ashes. But I have to say that the only way to have peace is not to fight for peace. You just have to let peace be. 

6. Pride
Self-pride is also a difficult challenge to hurdle because it emanates from within you, and you will have a hard time seeing it. But that's why you have friends. They will help you with this, just accept the things that they say about you and consider it a learning opportunity.

7. Boastfulness
This is also a self-inflicted challenge. So the key to getting past this is becoming more humble.Realize that all things you have come and go, and you can only hold on to the most important ones.

The main solution for envy is contentment. Think that there will always be people who will ask for more, and it's normal. But you have to be content and accept the things you cannot change.

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