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Talata in English po ay paragraph. Ito ay binubuo nang isa o mahigip pang pangungusap (or sentence in English).


Ito po yung pangungusap na hindi tapos (incomplete sentence) or may kulang or nawawalang component. Ang main components lang naman ng isang sentence ay subject at predicate. Kapag may walang isa, fragment po ang kinakalabasan kahit na nagsisimula ito sa malaking titik at nagtatapos sa tuldok.

Example of fragment:
While I was dancing on the stage. I was singing.

Which one is the fragment? 

While I was dancing. Read it again. While I was dancing... eh tapos? Oh ano ngayon if you were dancing? Di po ba putol?

I was singing while dancing on the stage.


Dapat po may isang main idea lang ang isang sentence. That's the simplest way to put it. If you're writing about your hobby in this paragraph, do not include something about your favorite vacation. Save it for another paragraph.

Hope I've been of help. Good luck!  :)