Specify the verb, which will agree with its subject in each sentence: The name Maranao ____ 11. (means, mean) 'People of the Lake' or 'Lake Dwellers'. Both ____ 12. (refers, refer) to the natives who settled around Lake Lanao. Neither photographers or a writer ____ 13. (was, were) ever able to capture in images or words the beauty of this lake. Lake Lanao, with the Maranaos living around it ____ 14. (continues, continue) to be an attraction and source of inspiration. More importantly, the spirit of the Maranaos ____ 15. (thrives, thrive) because of its existence.



11.means 12.refer 13.were 14.continues 15.thrive
Can I ask? Why do you use the word "thrive" in this sentence when spirit is a singular noun? I thought thrives is the right word...Can you explain to me, please?waiting.tnx