In Filipino it is Juan Tamad....It is a story where in Juan is lazy and he didn't do anything.
The Story of Lazy Juan:
Once there was a boy named Juan, he was a very lazy boy he always spends his time playing rather than doing chores and studying. One day Juans mother called Juan and said "Juan go buy some crabs at the wet market while i do my chores" she said but "Mom im still playing!" Juan said and "Juan if you dont buy some crabs you will be GROUNDED for playing!" Juan's Mother shouted, then Juan agreed. He went to the wet market and bought some crabs but Juan heared a familiar voice "Juan! Juan! Come on lets play basketball with our friends" Juan's Friend said but Juan agreed. Then Juan said to the crabs "Hey you go home now and i go to my friends ok!" then Juan let go of the crabs and the crabs runned away. Juan know that they will go home. So Juan joined his friends. Later that day Juan went home late and his mother saw Juan " Juan! Juan! Juan! were had you been i've been worried about you?!" then Juan said "Dont worry Mom i had eaten at my friend's house, so how does the crabs take like?". " Oh by the way, where are the crabs?" she said then juan said "You just ate them, cause i told them to go home. Right?" then she said "Why did you do that?! Our money is wasted because crabs have only small brain!" "YOUR GROUNDWD FOREVER!"
The End