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Around 225 million years ago, there was this supercontinent called Pangea. During this time, every continent we know of were neighbors. 

Around 135 million years ago, Pangea split up into two large continents: Laurasia, and Gondwanaland. The neighboring continents we know know of that were:

1. Laurasia was comprised of North America, Europe, and North Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Nepal)
2. Gondwanaland was comprised of modern day Africa, South Asia, Antarctica, Australia, and South America. 

Around 65 million years ago, Laurasia and Gondwanaland split up again, forming some resemblance to modern-day North America,Eurasia, Africa, India, South America, Australia, and Antarctica).

I have attached a photo below showing the drift in the past million years. 

So if you're going to answer the question, you could say that the neighboring continents were:

1. North America, Europe and North Asia
2. South America, South Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica

Hope this helps!

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thanks to your answers
is there a possibility that the current location of a continent would be different 100 years from now?
in my own oppinion maybe yes.