Changing Active to Passive
Directions: On your own paper, rewrite the following sentences in active voice .The subject should be performing the action If there is no doer, add one

1. Jane washed the dishes.
2. After the game, we bought hamburgers for everyone.
3. During the intermission, our band played several numbers.
4. Alice broke her pen
5. Miss Jones read my computer



1 the dishes was washed by jane 2we bought hamburger after the game 3our band played severalnumbers during the intermission.. 4her pen was broken by alice 5my computer was read  (red) by miss jones...
2 5 2
1.The dishes were washed by Jane.
2.We bought some hamburgers for everyone after the game.
3.Our band played several numbers during the intermission.
4.The pen was broke by Alice.
5.My computer was read by Miss Jones.....

Easy as Pie v(O^O)v

1 5 1